Women Who Eat On Tubes

Back in April 2014 a Facebook group dedicated to taking secret photos of women eating on the tube hit the news. For myself and my housemate Stacey, 'Women Who Eat On Tubes' was a step too far.

It was the cherry on top of all the other rubbish women put up with on a daily basis- yes it's not ideal to have to eat on the tube, but in a busy city like London women have little choice but to grab a bite on the go. But now apparently we can't even do that in peace!

So, myself and Stacey decided to protest by showing the group that women are free to eat wherever the fuck they want.

Our picnic on the tube attracted the attention of BBC Radio 4, The GuardianThe Huff Post and a retweet from feminist matriarch Caitlin Moran. Plus an awkward story on the front page of Vice

Some Voices

For as long as I've lived in London I've had Some Voices. Some Voices is a choir of 500 people who put on three insane shows a year in some of London's biggest and most iconic venues including the South Bank Centre, Brixton Electric, KOKO and Oval Space.

Here's us singing Bohemian Rhapsody at York Hall boxing gym in Hackney:

And live on BBC Radio 3 with a David Bowie tribute: